Free Shipping Plan

  1. What is the Free Shipping Plan?
    • The Free Shipping Plan allows members to get free shipping on ANY ORDER
      • Without the Free Shipping Plan:
        • Regular orders over $80 get free shipping
        • Recurring orders over $20 get free shipping

  2. Where can I signup for the Free Shipping Plan?
    • Simply select one of the options above.  Choose either the monthly or annual plan.

  3. Can I cancel my Free Shipping Plan?
    • You can cancel at any time by simply logging in to your account and click on "My Account" and going to the Subscription section. There you can click the "Cancel Membership" link, and follow the instructions provided. NOTE: Cancelling only stops the next subscription payment from being charged to you. We do not offer refunds (prorated or other) for subscription time not used that has been paid for.

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