Is there something I can take or do to combat sugar cravings? I am taking an anti-inflammatory and an anti-depressant.

Answer: Basically craving sweets/sugar is a combination of an innate trait and a learned response for all humans. Innate because sweetness translates in the brain as immediate energy and is therefore important to our evolution/survival. Learned because most of us were probably rewarded with sweets for good deeds at some point, including “cleaning our plates” (which is actually a reason to NOT eat dessert – you probably already ate your allotted calories for the day when you cleaned your plate).

Because of your medications it is not advisable to use any of the specialized supplements for appetite control but instead use the dotFIT foods or shakes. Simply work them into your daily caloric allotment as shown on your menus or as you log food. You will be amazed on how using these foods can satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you on goal.

At the end of the day it is fine to have dessert (like a dotTREAT) – just work it into your allotted calories.

For more information on satiety that might help click to this article (Why We Eat When We Know We Shouldn't)

Below is a similar question that might be helpful:

Is it true that you can cure a "sweet tooth"? If so, how?

Answer:  Sometimes, depending on how motivated the person is to slowly wean themselves from giving into the craving or slowly adapt a different lifestyle and eating habits. The sweet tooth is generally inherited either environmentally (e.g. parental/family practices such as “dessert rewards”) and/or genetically, and can vary in the way it manifests, from needing something sweet after a meal to having an overactive sweet “sensor” in the body. Although the craving for sweetness is innate (for everyone), certain lifestyle adjustments can control the urge. But keep in mind, it’s okay to satisfy the sweet tooth in moderation and with all the, sweet healthy foods dotFIT makes, anyone can “have their cake and eat it, too”.  

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