I have too much fat on my thighs, how can I get rid of the fat there rather than somewhere else?

You can’t -- there is no such thing as spot reducing, which is probably obvious to you by now because your thighs generally move more than any other body part but the fat still ends up there. As you maintain a calorie deficit (by eating less than you burn), body fat will leave from whatever area your body was genetically programmed to draw it from. As a rule of thumb, the last place on is the first place off. Therefore you must maintain the calorie deficit and eventually the fat will be drawn from your troubled areas and that's a fact. Just be patient and follow your program. Using the dotFIT Program, you can set your weight loss goals and create the ideal program including individualized menus, proper calorie and protein requirements, meal timing, exercises that you choose to perform and coaching/feedback all the way till you reach your goal .

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