By Registered Dietitian
on September 16, 2008
Controlling your weight comes down to one thing - managing calories. More...
By Registered Dietitian
on September 17, 2008
Although many people succeed at losing weight, few manage to keep the weight off for the long haul. Those who have are referred to as “successful losers” and research studies on these individuals reveal the keys to permanent weight loss. More...
By Registered Dietitian
on September 26, 2008
Years of misjudging your intake by just a few calories at a time will end up sabotaging your weight. For example, if you gain the average amount of one pound per year, this means you’re off by only 10 calories a day. More...

When attempting to lose fat, should I avoid fruit, wheat products and/or dairy products?

Answer: No. If you did consistently avoid these foods for any extended period, your health would likely suffer as all of these foods provide many benefits to the human system.

Fruit has fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals that reduce the incidence of certain types of cancer, heart disease and free radical damage. Whole wheat products provide insoluble fiber that can aid in glucose and calorie control, satiety, regularity and reduced risk of certain cancers. Dairy products, especially low-fat versions, are a great source of protein, calcium, vitamin D and A. So eat these foods and keep your calorie intake at a level that supports your goal – remember that weight loss is all about calorie balance. For more on calorie balance, see Weight Control 101.

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