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on October 04, 2008
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By dotFIT experts
on November 04, 2008
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By Registered Dietitian
on September 16, 2008
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I am supposed to eat 20% fat 20% protein and 60% carbs. When should I eat my carb vs. protein?

Answer: Eat them together at each meal if possible – just like everyone else. There is no need to separate your protein and carbohydrates. The primary benefits of eating protein, fat and carbohydrates together in a traditional meal, other than the unnecessary inconvenience of separating foods, is the fact that our digestive systems were designed this way. Our satiety mechanisms (hunger & fullness sensors) from our digestive tract to our brain need to sense that all food types are present in order to shut down hunger. However, if you feel that separating your food gives you a better chance at reaching and maintaining your fitness goals, go for it.

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