I am an athletic female currently using your ActiveMV, but my doctor says I need to increase my iron intake. Should I take an iron supplement?

Answer:  This depends on how low you are in iron. Often physicians recommend iron supplementation after blood tests show your iron is low, or to prevent low iron in certain cases such as blood loss from heavy menses. If your doctor suggested increasing your iron intake, did s/he suggest how much?  The ActiveMV supplies 10mg of iron in two pills, which is plenty of iron for the average healthy athlete with normal iron stores. Since the recommended intake for adult women who menstruate regularly is 18 mg per day, be sure to also eat iron-rich foods such as cooked liver, red meat, lentils and iron-fortified cereal. The highest iron we offer is found in the PrenatalMV. It supplies 27mg of iron in one tablet. Ask your physician if this is enough. Some people need higher amounts of iron to make up for low stores in the body. For these people, we recommend iron supplements in addition to your daily multivitamin.

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