By Registered Dietitian
on October 09, 2008
Optimal athletic performance requires food and nutrient intake that is tailored to each athlete’s sport, training schedule and individual needs. The basics of performance nutrition are discussed here to help maximize your physical potential and reach your performance goals. More...
If you diligently follow the recommendations outlined in this article, you will be amazed at the pace at which your body increases muscle size and strength. If you have been at a plateau and thought adding muscle was no longer possible, then rejoice in the knowledge that you have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal that can allow you to naturally maximize your muscle building physiology. More...
By dotFIT experts
on October 10, 2008
The athlete’s goal is to have their stomachs relatively empty while energy stores are full at the start of training or competition. Following a specific eating pattern can maximize the storage and production of energy. By properly loading your energy systems (phosphocreatine and glycogen) that are rapidly depleted during exercise, you can delay fatigue and optimize performance during activity. More...

Does drinking a beer or two a few hours after an intense resistance workout reduce the hypertrophic effect of the workout?

Answer: Only if the beer was all you consumed following a workout.

Beer is not exactly the perfect post-workout formula. But if you are eating properly (daily menu planning) in order to maximize the workout, a couple of beers included in your daily calories will not reduce the potential positive effects of your workouts. So enjoy the brews, just make sure you earn them from a calorie standpoint.

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