Should I take a multivitamin?

Yes and make sure it is a Multivitamin and Mineral formula, (MVM) and be sure to consume it daily because as recent studies show, virtually everyone in the U.S. falls short of dietary requirements. First, MVM supplementation is just that - a supplement to your best possible food diet, but no one eats perfectly all the time. Second, daily MVM intake is designed to be practiced throughout life starting when your body’s natural development “machinery” can utilize the nutrients involved in putting you together so you may last longer. It’s not meant to be taken only when you are older or diseased, and it’s not a cure or prevention for disease brought on by genetics, smoking, weight, lack of exercise or other poor lifestyle choices. Take a daily MVM IS part of a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone will miss some nutrient(s) many times throughout life that are important to development and long-term health. Therefore, take your MVM formula every day as you did in your mother’s womb when her doctor made her take a prenatal MVM in order to make sure she could pass on all the necessary nutrients that she did not get from food alone. This helped ensure your developing body was put together properly. So - keep it going every day. And by the way, most of our country’s top nutrition researchers take a MVM supplement.

Start taking a daily MVM early in life and rest assured you are hedging your bets against chronic disease brought on by imperfect diets. In other words, don’t wait till the “engine is broken” before adding oil. Give it what it needs while it’s still working so it keeps running. The most recent study regarding MVM use validates the above: subjects using a daily MVM that had no history of cardiovascular disease (CVD), reduced their risks of CVD by 30-41% compared to non-users and the longer the use the greater the risk reduction. By living a healthy lifestyle including taking a daily MVM throughout all stages in life (or at least before disease sets in), we may significantly slow the inevitable decline in body and brain functioning to a point, end our days with a very “soft landing icluding having cognitive function intact while remaining relatively productive, meaning we would require little to no help living our daily lives.

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