If you diligently follow the recommendations outlined in this article, you will be amazed at the pace at which your body increases muscle size and strength. If you have been at a plateau and thought adding muscle was no longer possible, then rejoice in the knowledge that you have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal that can allow you to naturally maximize your muscle building physiology. More...
By Registered Dietitian
on October 09, 2008
Optimal athletic performance requires food and nutrient intake that is tailored to each athlete’s sport, training schedule and individual needs. The basics of performance nutrition are discussed here to help maximize your physical potential and reach your performance goals. More...
By dotFIT experts
on October 06, 2008
Traditional whole foods are not ideal pre- and post-training snacks because of the time it takes to digest solid food including extraction then absorption of the needed nutrients (about 2-3 hours). Although nutrition bars with the proper carbohydrate, protein and fat ratios can be effectively used before and after exercise, liquid is generally better for the simple reason of speed to the muscles. More...
By dotFIT experts
on October 10, 2008
The athlete’s goal is to have their stomachs relatively empty while energy stores are full at the start of training or competition. Following a specific eating pattern can maximize the storage and production of energy. By properly loading your energy systems (phosphocreatine and glycogen) that are rapidly depleted during exercise, you can delay fatigue and optimize performance during activity. More...


CreatineXXL™ can increase the well-known strength and size-enhancing effects of taking creatine supplements alone. In addition to creatine, this product supplies other compounds that

  • Optimize muscle cell volume which stimulates protein synthesis
  • Delay fatigue during short bursts of intense activity such as weight lifting

The goals of this product are to increase muscle size and enhance performance above and beyond the effects of supplementing with creatine alone.

Why take this product?

The unique combination of ingredients (i.e. creatine and beta alanine) in this product has been shown to increase exercise intensity, training volume and lean muscle mass. CreatineXXL is the first of its kind and only available through dotFIT.

Who should take this product?

dotFIT CreatineXXL is suitable for

  • Intermediate and advanced exercisers and athletes seeking an advantage during high intensity, high-volume training regimes
  • Anyone who is trying to overcome training and muscle size plateaus
  • Those concerned with weight or muscle gain may benefit from other performance recommendations by dotFIT

Unique Features

  • No other performance/weight gain product on the market contains the combination of ingredients in this formula in a convenient tablet form
  • Can be used alone or with NO7Rage™ and AminoBoostXXL™ as part of the dotFIT "Xtreme Muscle Stack" for maximum muscle pump and continuous training results for serious exercisers and athletes
  • Manufactured in a FDA registered facility, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) exclusively for dotFIT, LLC

Suggested Use

  • As a dietary supplement, On High Intensity Training days: take 8 capsules 30 minutes before workouts with 8 oz. of water or your favorite beverage. Then take the remaining 8 immediately post workout.
  • On Non-Training days: take 8 capsules, twice daily with morning and evening meals.
  • For increased effect consume with 25-45g of a carbohydrate food/beverage.
  • For maximum results use for a minimum of 4 weeks.




Table 1 demonstrates significant change in lean mass in the Creatine + Beta-alanine group over the placebo group.

Reference: Hoffman J et al. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2006 Aug;16(4):430-46.


  • Athletes who wish to prevent weight gain should avoid CreatineXXL.
  • Women who are pregnant or lactating are contraindicated because of a lack of data for these populations.


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